Sadako 3D 2


Awful, just bloody awful and senseless and dumb movie and I dare say it shows the state of Japan’s movie industry today where films are made to the standards of TV quality which is pretty damn cheap here. These days a vast majority of films released by Japan are often sequels to TV dramas shown here. If not that then they are movies filled with talentless young actors and actresses who have graduated from subway commercials to portray characters 20 years their senior. The stories are usually bland romance or romance comedies that are aimed at young Japanese couples.

The TV production values are probably to do with investors wanting to get the movie shown on TV afterwards. Overall there is a sense from an outside perspective that the country’s film industry is closing in on itself and we are going back to the days when Japanese film Directors are no longer recognized internationally and those that want to make real films won’t be able to get the funding because film companies and film goers just want a movie that appeals to one audience only.

I don’t know how to describe the story of the lazily titled ‘Sadako 3D 2’. It makes no sense. It takes place 5 years after the first. The guy from the cursed internet video who had killed himself in the original is apparently alive again and waiting to be executed. Meanwhile the supposed daughter of Sadako (who is nowhere to be seen here except in a few brief shots) is causing the deaths of people she dislikes. Not that plot matters as the only concern by film makers here is to scare you with cheap thrills. Take for example a triple fake out where a character wakes up from one terrible nightmare into another nightmare. A weak plot device at best in most horror movies but repeating it 3 consecutive times…. I could only yawn. The rest is just laughable, but unlike it’s predecessor it’s so bad it’s not even funny anymore. Even when we see a character with incredibly long Sadako like hair which is a trope that has been done to death long ago.

To add insult to injury when this film was released in Theatres a ‘4D’ app was released for film goers. During their viewing of the movie, vibrations, flashes and sound effects would come from their Cell phones coinciding with certain scenes from the movie. To encourage well behaved cinema goers to switch on their phones during a movie is just dumb.

The film is based on a story by Koji Suzuki but I can’t imagine him liking these films at all. I can only hope Vertical Inc or some company will get around to translating his most recent Ring novels ‘S’ and ‘Tide’ into English in the near future.

fuck you hello kitty

To think that 15 Years ago one of the greatest horror movies ever released would be followed up with a sequel like this is beyond disappointment. I can only pity such a state of affairs. This movie is a waste of time. Don’t even watch it out of curiosity. Save yourself from the curse of terrible film making.

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