Mothra Vs. Godzilla

AKA ‘Godzilla Against Mothraモスラ対ゴジラ

After the massive fight he had with King Kong in his previous movie Godzilla returns after a night out on the town to take on a giant Moth named… Mothra.

I’ve never seen the appeal of Mothra to be honest. I never felt it was a monster suited to the Godzilla franchise. At first he is an egg, than a larvae and then a Moth and somehow he is involved with two incredibly tiny girls. I don’t know what’s going on there but in general I think Mothra sucks. Apparently he had his own movie before appearing in this so maybe that explains his backstory better but I really can’t be arsed to watch that.

Here in this movie most of the focus is on Mothra. Godzilla is just off his head from the beginning. Looks like he’s been sucking on one too many power plants because when he appears he is stumbling all over the place. He knocks over a TV tower on his head, then he stumbles into the moat of Nagoya castle, gets pissed off with the castle for his fall and smashes it to bits. Big G is like a drunk irish man on the streets of Dublin on a Friday night.

By the time Big G gets his sh*t together the US Government set his head on fire and electrocutes him which is how most violent drunks should be dealt with. Big G however is made of tougher stuff, he escapes and moves onto trying to smash Mothra’s egg. Fine with me but not with the rest of the characters in the film. So they get Mothra to fight Godzilla before he destroys or eats the Egg which is also Mothra. Confused? Well since Big G is the baddie here you can guess how this is gonna go down.

Favorite Quote: “Just as you distrust as, then we distrust others we well. What’s wrong? We’re all human. As humans we are responsible for each other, we’re related. Refuse us then you’ll abandon your brothers. We must learn to help each other. “ – Ichiro Sakai

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