X-Men: Days of Future Past


F**king Hell. Now this is how you make a Terminator movie.

Nobody ever imagined this was gonna happen and it took Bryan Singer to come back as Director to make this a dream come true comic book movie. It gets everything right. Having Logan as the character who travels back into the past makes complete sense not only from a story stand point but also because he is such an awesome character in these movies. He brings the much needed humor to the  darkest X-Men film yet. Quicksilver too is fantastic in this, although only in it for a short while he got the biggest laughs in the film which is in no small account to Bryan Singers vision for his Magneto break out scenes.

Peter Dinklage doesn’t over play the villain role as some actors might. In fact the way he plays it is very disarming which is frightening because he is a character who has done unspeakable things to mutants in the name of progress in an “us Vs them” world of Mutants and Humans. His arguments for the Sentinel program are tame and convincing to the point that he looks deadlier than Richard Nixon in this. I actually thought at the end he might turn out to be Apocalypse in disguise.

As for the time travel aspects it’s a clever and inventive method of time travel. Singer came up with the Schroeder’s cat version of time travel in which events of the past are not changed by the observer until he is snapped back into the future. It took even a geek like me a while to get my head around that one. Or else I’m getting old…

I like that the future and past scenes are both relevant to each other and ongoing at the same time. At times I get an ‘Inception’ kind of vibe with the music and especially that dream like ending for Logan. Those final scenes leave me with a massive smile on my face. Since this is time travel there has been a slight reset/reboot of the X-Men Universe in a similar way to how JJ Abrams reset the Star Trek Universe (but far less jarring and far more sensibly done). Again Bryan Singer the Star Trek fan makes time travel works in this movie not only because he talked to James Cameron about how to do it but also because he has watched a lot of Star Trek time travel stories. An obvious nod to which can be seen in this film. In fact it’s likely that Cameron was inspired by the comic version of ‘Days of Future Past’ while making the first Terminator movie.


I really liked ‘X-Men First Class’ but this film finally feels like the X-Men film series is finally put back on track and building up momentum again with the eagerly anticipated ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ coming next. I would love to see the older cast of characters return in one of their own movies. While I guess the focus is on the younger cast of X-Men I think there is more than enough room and money for both casts to do their own X-Men films.

So ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ will be the sequel and considering that Singer believes in multiple universes we might be seeing some interesting stuff happening and some new and old cast members appearing.

I wanna see this again. It’s only the beginning of the summer but yet I am quite sure I have watched the best Movie of the summer blockbuster season. It’s so much fun, it’s gives you so much for your brain to chew on after it’s over. It’s the most epic comic book film yet in my opinion.

Favorite Quote: Because he was one of us. – Erik

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