Dance of the Drunk Mantis

AKA ‘Drunken Master Part II’

I didn’t know about this. Did you know about this?

This 1979 sequel to the 1978 Drunken Master not featuring Jackie Chan but which still has Yuen Siu-tien (Simon Yuen) playing Begger Su as the man who who trained Chan’s Wong Fei Hung in the previous movie.

It’s easy to see why this movie is not as well know as the other ‘Drunken Master’ films. While the previous film was a comedy that showed how alcohol in fact improved your fighting prowess  this film is someone darker, first showing that too much alcohol will make you a crap fighter (irish men take note) and also that Begger Su isn’t always nice when he is drinking. He is particularly cruel to his adopted son that he had no idea about until he came back home to his wife. The film doesn’t specifically state how long Su has been away but this adopted Son is in his early to mid 20s at the very least which begs the question how old was this kid when he was adopted. Anyway, I can see why Su would be pissed at this so called adopted kid (man) wanting to play happy families and learn Drunken Boxing from him.

Besides this weird situation Su also encounters a fighter skilled in Drunken Boxing and Mantis boxing, having combined the two he is able to defeat Su who has weakened his fighting ability through excessive drinking. It’s kind of the anti Drunken Master this time.

As ‘Drunken Master’ films go it’s entertaining but not as good as the original which will always be my favorite. ‘Drunken Master II’ (1994) staring Jackie Chan does have very impressive fight choreography though. ‘Drunken Master III’ is an embarrassing entry altogether.

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