Edge of Tomorrow

Yet another highly entertaining Tom Cruise movie. It’s a film that has been on my radar for the past few years because I think Tom Cruise and Sci-Fi go well together. It’s an interesting concept too and while there is a lot of action in this film there is plenty of character development, especially Cruise’s character.

Time Loops. Ah… Is there a time loop movie or TV episode that isn’t entertaining? Lets look at similar time loop stories done in the past…

Most well know is perhaps Bill Murray’s comedy ‘Groundhog Day’ where the character has to relive the same day over and over again. Then there’s the Star Trek The Next Generation episode ‘Cause and Effect’ a fairly scary episode where the Enterprise crew don’t even realize they are stuck in a temporal causality loop getting blown up on the Enterprise over and over. The time loop idea is again done in Stargate-SG1 in the episode ‘Window of Opportunity’ to comic effect (one of my personal faves, probably because it borrows heavily from the Groundhog Day idea). ‘Source Code’ was a movie that had a similar time loop idea, although the main character isn’t actually trapped per say.

These are the best examples of time loops/groundhog day loops/being stuck in a pocket universe etc. These kind of time loops are not what you would call predestination paradoxes as events can be changed as usually the characters are aware of what’s going on and are able to do something different in an effort to escape it. Same with ‘Edge of Tomorrow’. Cruise’s character trains to be a top solider while at the same time trying to escape his loop and win the war for Earth. There’s a nice amount of comedy thrown in (apparently at Cruise’s request) so it’s not just action but fun too. This kind of concept lets you get away with a lot of stuff with the characters.

Favorite Quote: “Through readiness and discipline we are masters of our fate.” – Squad

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