Police Story 2013

A different entry into the series of Police Story films. There is no reason to even call this ‘Police Story’ as it has zero connection to the previous films. Gone are the action glory days of Police Story 1,2 & 3 replaced by a timid, serious film. Jackie Chan has always wanted to play more acting heavy role which is why these more recent ‘Police Story’ films have him playing an unfunny, flawed character. I don’t think it works. In the same way I think Robert DeNiro comedy films don’t work. While stunts and heavy action are things Chan wants to step away from I’m not sure these roles are the right direction.

Police Story 2013 is surprising engaging though. For me to explain why I’m going to get into plot spoiling points.

The plot slowly unravels throughout. At first it starts out as a hostage situation but eventually we find out that these hostages are all connected to each other, along with Chan’s character. We discover that each of these people may have been in some way responsible for a woman’s death. The woman being the sister of the man holding everyone hostage. When this point was revealed I started to get interested. They did it slowly too nt revealing the hostage takers motives for quite a while. When they do it turns the film on it’s head a bit and it becomes something else. I was immediately reminded of the play by J.B Priestly ‘An inspector Calls’ in which members of the same family are found each to be responsible for the death of a girl they knew.

So while this isn’t as entertaining as Police Story 1-3 and nowhere near as embarrassing as ‘New Police Story’ it is something freshingly different. I could have done without the overly patriotic and karmatic moments. All bad guys must pay for their crimes etc blah blah. Yeah I fucking get it.  Some of the beats and action scenes seem to have been inspired by ‘Lethal Weapon’ and ‘Die Hard’ but I’ll let those pass as homages.

Definitely worth a watch but if you are wanting action put on the first ‘Police Story’ film and watch it right now.

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