The Real Ghostbusters

the_real_ghostbusters_wallpaper_6-normalRanking on a nostalgia level of 11 this links back to some of the earliest memories of my childhood. Coming out of the ‘Thomas The Tank Engine’ and ‘My little Pony’ phase but while still clinging to Snoopy, ‘The Real Ghostbusters’ was a show I was to be insanely into and still am.
Based off the 1984 movie it was designed and scripted in America and animated by KKCND in Japan. The Design of the Real Ghostbusters was party inspired by anime designs of the 80s mixed with old American cartoons of the past.

Growing up on this show I remember having everything related to it. Ghostbuster’s Jeans, Trainers, Jumpers, Pajamas, slippers, toys, Radio player, comics, notebooks and pencils, stickers and sticker book, proton pack, belt buckle, Easter Egg, VHS tapes. I remember it started as I collected a new figure every few months followed by Ecto 1 at Christmas and The firehouse with Ectoplasam slime the following Christmas. I remember having a Slimmer Birthday Cake made by my Aunt for my 6th Birthday and a Stay Puff marshmallow man cake made with melted marshmallows and liquorish all sorts detailing his features for my 7th.

Years later I was finally able to re-watch this series again on DVD which is proudly added to my collection.

One reason why this show and many others like it in the 80s and early 90s still stand up to scrutiny is because they didn’t pander to children, which unfortunately many children shows do today. ‘The Real Ghostbusters’ was intelligent, funny, creative story telling that tied into real mysticism and folklore involving ghosts. It’s a show you can watch as an adult today and enjoy while viewing it in a different way. Growing up it was probably the show that peeked my interest into the paranormal and had me spouting about every supernatural creature to have never existed from Big Foot to the Boogieman.

Most of these episodes I haven’t seen in 20+ years but a lot of scenes do jog my memory. I think a lot of it is due to the sheer emotional connection to the episodes between myself as an adult and a child. The somewhat dramatic and at times touching scenes in the series talk to me still no mater what age I am, except now I clearly understand it. I still got it well back then too before I had any preconceived ideas. I think it really upholds human values and morals sometimes. The episode that made me think this was ‘Ragnorok and Roll’. They don’t make cartoon shows like they used to I thought as the credits rolled. Watching this show is like falling in love again.

The quality of the writing was in no small part due to the talented writing staff the show had onboard, from David Gerrold (star trek) JMS (Babylon 5) Michael Reaves (Batman the Animated series, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, He-Man)

Finally a fantastic voice cast which captured the essence of the characters set by the movie cast. Ray played by the legend Frank Welker aka Megatron. I loved the dead pan delivery of Lorenzo Music’s lines as Peter Venkman. He also voice Garfield at the time which was extremely popular and it’s a shame that his casting was changed after almost 80 episodes. He had Venkman dead on. Maurie LaMarche looks like Egon Spengler whom he voiced and Arsenio Hall who gave Winston his much needed energetic wit.

Favorite quote: Nobody ever said the world was an easy place, nobody ever said you wouldn’t be hurt, if..if you weren’t sufficiently loved it’s your own fault, not the world’s.”  – DyTillio

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