Ghostbusters II


I was able to watch this in the cinema back in the day and I loved it at the time. It doesn’t match the original but I think it does try to make itself something between the movie and the animated series. It’s a little more kid friendly, Slimer looks more like his animated counterpart and seems nicer. The characters adult nature is toned down just a tini bit, Janine looks more like her cartoon character also and the slime concept seems like something that would appeal to kids. Us kids loved slime, ectoplasm and ooze and stuff like that until it got on the carpet and the parents went into meltdown on you.

Looking at ‘Ghostbusters II’ now I can see how it follows the same beats as the original film. The Ghostbusters getting back into action happens around the 30 minute mark as in the previous film when we see Ray, Pete and Egon are in action for the first time at the hotel trying to capture Slimer. The montage, the ghostbusters going to the insane asylum which parallels the previous movie when they went to jail, the conversation with the mayor, the guy who hates the ghostbusters, the police escort, the villain hidden inside a painting instead of an apartment building. Statue of Liberty/Stay Puff (The Statue of Liberty was originally going to be used by Vigo as an Evil entity).

So I can see kinda why people don’t like it. It’s not as fresh a script as we all might hope but it’s not a bad movie either and I think it doesn’t get the credit it deserves. It’s well made, acted, it’s fun. The opening of 5 years later seemed more ominous than it actually was and a very different sequel could have been made if things were different, but would it have been as good as this? Who knows. Maybe Bill Murray does.

Favorite Quote: “Sometimes, shit happens, someone has to deal with it, and who ya gonna call?” – Peter Venkman

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