Ghostbusters Lego



Received this as a late Birthday present not too long ago. For a fan like me it was a perfect gift.

So it’s been 20+ years since I made anything Lego and even back at that time I needed help. Hoping that my adult brain could finally handle real Lego building (and hadn’t already passed that stage) I put on my Ghostbusters T-shirt and got down to it. It was looking bad early on when I couldn’t distinguish grey blocks from white blocks in the instruction manual. But once I got down to it I was fine.


The bricks are presented in a colourful 30th anniversary Box along with a lovely booklet. It’s nice to have something like this as there isn’t much merchandise out there celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the movie, especially after the popularity of the Lego Movie it’s a must have for fans of both. I had forgotten how sturdy these things are once they’re constructed. The Ecto-1 Car has a lot of detail as you can see in the pictures and is far more detailed than the toy of the Real Ghostbusters Ecto- 1 (see below) You’re given an orange disassemble stick too if you choose to take it apart.

It took me about 4-5 hours with breaks to make this. I guess that’s not too bad a time? Once you get into builder mode the time flies by. I didn’t have any problems at all really. Just followed the instructions to the letter and it all came out swell.


Few extra things I like about this. I like that the characters have two facial expressions, calm and scared. Back in my day our Lego figures only hand one. I like the little character quotes in the book as you make your way along.


This set is part of the Lego ideas range. Fans submit models they made to Lego ideas and if the set gets 10,000 votes it will then go to the approval stage by Lego and then if it passes that we see it in the shops like this Ecto-1 set. Currently there is a Ghostbusters HQ set that is nearing 10,000 votes on the Lego ideas website as I write this. It would be a very cool addition if it passes all stages. It’s almost a shame that these things didn’t come out when I was a child but then again I wasn’t a good Lego builder back then and kids always lose pieces. The box says this is for the ages of 10+ and I’m definitely in the + range, but what do 10 year olds know about this film?


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  1. richcollectibles says:

    I hadn’t built too many LEGO sets as an adult. One or two small vehicles. A few years back I bought most of the Lego City Space/Nasa sets. I didn’t put them together until last year/this year. Those were the most complex in years. As I think I posted in my review Lego Ecto-1 was going to be a challenge, I was determined to build it. I had to build it. 🙂 A lot of time spent on/with it, in the end the set was a labor or love as the saying goes.

    Funny you wore a Ghostbusters t-shirt while building. I was going to wear my Ghostbusters flight suit/costume. I think I also wore a Ghostbusters t-shirt one day that week.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed the similarities in Lego pieces colors. Whether it was from the very nice graphics in the instructions or the actual pieces. Good thing Legos come apart relatively easy.

    I could eventually see Lego producing more Ghostbusters sets. Before attempting a hopefully detailed Firehouse, I would think if the Ecto-1 has/is profitable they’ll make Brent’s Stay-Puft with additional mini figures.

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