Ghostbusters Commodore 64 Game


As a kid I had to have everything related to Ghostbusters and so spotting this I picked it up immediately. I’m almost ashamed to say that despite playing the game so often I don’t think I ever completed it as I was never quite sure what to do near the end of it.

Confusingly at first ‘Space Invaders’ loaded onto the screen which you could play for a while until before the “Ghostbusters! ahahahah!” main screen came on with a karaoke version of the song with lyrics. Onto the game, you had to buy a car and various items and equipment for it such as traps to catch ghosts etc while you’re out patrolling the streets. There was a map with buildings which flashed when haunted by a Ghost. Upon reaching the haunted house you had to catch the ghost by positioning both of your ghostbusters on either side of the screen. If you lined them up correctly with the trap you were able to capture the ghost successfully and earn money. If you failed you were slimed and if you positioned your ghostbusters wrongly you’d end up crossing the streams. I wasn’t too bad at the game until Mr. Stay Puff came along and demolished buildings on the map (i didn’t know I had to press B!)

Overall it’s not a bad game for the C64. Worth a play for those of you still living in the 80s (Gozer blesses you). There was a Ghostbusters II game also  which I played on my cousins Amstrad. I thought that was nowhere near as good as this.

Unfortunately the only way I’ll get to play the Ghostbusters game from now on is through an emulator. We killed the C64 long ago playing Bruce Lee’s Enter The Dragon on it. But the C64, she’s still there and I still have the cassette tape (yes, cassette tape) of the game… maybe one day I’ll get it working again.

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