The Real Ghostbusters Marvel UK Comic


Collected these as a kid but I think I get more of a kick out of them now. This comic started in 1988 and ran mostly as a weekly comic until 1992. It went for 193 issues which is not a bad run.

Each comic started with an introduction to the characters and a brief summary of the stories in that week’s comic. Unlike some of the other Marvel UK comics most stories were fairly self contained and short with a few reoccurring characters turning up now and then such as Ponquadragor The Four Handed Man. Some fun stories included Gozer up against Janine and Slimer’s origin which also explained how  he came to love Peter so much. Also included in each comic was Spengler’s Spirit Guide which was something akin to Tobin’s Spirit guide. Ego usually discussed various paranormal things such as demons, ecto plasam, what to do if you encounter a ghost or goblin with tons of historical references all taken from hard to find books written in invisible ink. Another page was called ‘Dead True’ which recounted various ghost stories. Finally at the back of the comic was ‘Ghost Writing’ in which Dr. Venkman answered readers letters and a short Garfield type strip on ‘Slimer’ which was at times difficult to understand due to Slimer’s speech pattern. The artwork of the comic was rather nice and colourful and didn’t stray too far from The Real Ghostbusters character design. Been a UK comic there were a few references to British pop culture sneaked in every now and then.

I’m glad to see that in recent years Titan had published a few collections of these comics in a mini book. Nice bit of nostalgic cake there. I’m very curious to sit down and read some of the ‘Now’ Real Ghostbuster Comics which are being re-released in collected volumes by IDW. These were sold over the other side of the pond in the late 80s and had longer storylines compared to the UK comic.

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