Godzilla (2014)

Darn. I really wanted to like this movie. But all I can say is that it’s OK. I don’t think it’s worth watching in the cinemas despite it being a movie that requires the large screen to give weight to the monsters and action. Spoilers to follow…

The problems are two fold and I think the movie hangs mostly on these points. It lacks Godzilla and it lacks Walter White. I was expecting Bryan Cranston to survive until at least the end of the film but in a remarkably bad move he is killed off in the first quarter of the movie and the rest of the film is carried by some other actor that I don’t care about and whose character is boring. Mr. Big G himself is done perfectly. He’s a little on the chubby side but he’s living in America now so that’s to be expected. The unfortunate thing is that he isn’t in the movie enough until near the end. He does show up throughout the film making some awesome entrances but just as he is about to kick ass the film cuts away from the action. I get that the film makers are saving these fights for the end of the film but in some ways I feel they don’t know how to keep the audience interested enough in the real action if they show it too early. Surely instead of cutting away there could have been some element thrown in that gives a sense of immediacy and danger to that particular fight in the film.

One other thing is that I don’t like that Godzilla is made out to be the kiddie friendly hero as he became in later Japanese Godzilla movies. Surely for the first movie he could be solely a force of destruction that is not yet understood but the whole ending where he is seen as something of a hero and he gets up and leaves everyone in peace just seems to destroy the threat such a creature would pose in reality and even though this is a movie isn’t it real and gritty that they were going for here in making this movie??? The movie tries to say he is the balance of nature and this is something going back to the 1954 film too. But in the 1954 film he was still a complete dick that leveled cities. This 2014 Godzilla doesn’t even use his atomic breath on innocent bystanders.

I dunno…. If you want to see a great Godzilla movie that’s deeply symbolic, scary, highly atmospheric then watch the original 1954 version which is one of the best Monster movies ever.

The movie is visually very pretty and the design is great. The other Muto monsters are a bit too Evangelion in design. I like the more old school King Ghidora type of monster who is said to be appearing in the next movie along with (groan) Mothra…

I was really looking forward to this film and was wanting to like it but considering they killed off the most interesting character early on and turned Big G into kiddie fodder I feel let down.

Favorite Quote:you’re hiding something out there! And it is going to send us back to the Stone Age!” – Joe Brody

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