Doctor Who: “Deep Breath”


Not the best start for the 12th Doctor. Considering the non stop pace of 11s entrance I had hoped Moffat would do something similar but here we have long dragged out talky scenes and nothing really gets going for quite some time. It could have been cut down to 45 minutes instead of the 1 hour 16 minutes of dawdling that we got but I suppose they couldn’t have released a 45 minute version in the cinemas…

I don’t like the fact that they’ve made age an issue here with the 12th Doctor. The whole episode seems to be aimed at fan girls in a desperate attempt to keep them on board after Smith’s departure. It’s not subtle in the slightest and Clara who seems to be representing female fandom is highly grating in this episode. Also grating is the kiddie sound effects thrown into scenes which take you out of the drama and the concept of a darker Doctor.

The open credits have changed and I don’t like it. Too many cogs (a recurring theme this season?) and clocks, he’s not just a time traveller, he travels through space too you know. These new credits were based on fan made ones but I would much prefer this as the opening title sequence.

What I come away with after watching this episode is that Peter Capaldi is going to be a fantastic Doctor. It’s a shame that the first episode of his run is weak but what I saw of Capaldi was great.

Favorite Quote: “It’s at times like this I miss Amy.” – The Doctor

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