Doctor Who: Into the Dalek

An ok episode that came off a little cliche in places. It reminded me of ‘Dalek’ back in 2005 but lacking the emotional weight. There’s a feeling that we’ve been here already. The Doctor’s inner conflict, he being compared to a Dalek etc. 9, 10 & 11 had these issues too.

Again the best thing about the episode is Capaldi but I feel they really need to knock it out of the park with these episodes to support his new Doctor. I like that he is a darker, colder, almost Doctor House type of Doctor that is unintentionally cruel and doesn’t quite get the human quality for tact. Characterization great. But show don’t tell works better and I kinda hope they lay off telling us how dark he is and whether or not he is a good man. Lets just see what he does.

The fact that the Doctor is bothered and seems to continually quiz himself on his personality suggests he is not all that bad. But for a truly dark man to appear shouldn’t he just take actions without second thinking himself?

Favorite quote: “Yeah, my carer. She cares so I don’t have to.” – The Doctor

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