Doctor Who: Robot of Sherwood

The first decent episode for Capaldi’s run as the Doctor and the best episode written by Mark Gatiss since ‘The Unquiet Dead’ back in 2005. However it’s nothing special. There are quite a few references thrown in of other Doctors. The one I noticed was Capaldi’s 12th Doctor doing the 3rd Doctor’s Venusian Aikido. Fuck yeah he did. I was only thinking last week how cool it would be to bring that back because I get a 3rd Doctor vibe from 12.

Screw the spoon fighting however. Just ridiculous. Why not pull a sword out from one of his bigger on the inside pockets? But fighting with a spoon. It’s parts like this where the episode falters because of it’s over reliance on silliness. When it’s not Clara flirting with men (two men this week compared to only one last week) it’s the Doctor acting silly and I just wonder again where is this Dark Doctor in these overly kid friendly episodes? The 9th Doctor. He was friggin dark. But somehow this comes off as an episode written for Matt Smith with another actor trying to be a different Doctor.

I’m seriously feeling let down at times here because there is greatness in this episode and if they just stop with the dumb stuff and get to what it’s really trying to say which is “what is a hero? what makes a man a hero? and does it matter if a hero is real or not?” isn’t it the story, the legend that’s more important? The ending of this episode is fantastic and you’ll see why in my favorite quote. If only the rest of it could have had that same kind of consistency and depth.

Favorite Quote: “if we both keep pretending to be…haha…perhaps others will be heroes in our name, perhaps we will both be stories, and may those stories never end.” – Robin Hood


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