Doctor Who: Listen


Another week and another episode of ‘Clara Who’ and her time traveling companion The Doctor. It’s kinda getting like ‘Back to the Future’ with the Doctor taking the role of Doc Brown with Clara as the lead.

This impossible girl is taking over every important decision and moment made in the Doctor’s life. She helps him choose the Tardis, she stops him from destroying Gallifray and in this episode she is somewhat partly responsible for making him the man (men?) he would become. She also has the ability to get past timelocks with relative ease and I don’t buy the “safeties” been off as a reason for that happening. That barn might not be on Gallifrey though.

A bit of a messy episode but it does have some good moments and I found it far more satisfying an episode compared to previous ones. The 12th Doctor is back to himself again after last week and I like that here is not a know it all kind of guy but a man with questions of his own. Which is part of the reason why the episode is scary. He doesn’t know also if what’s standing behind him is real or just his fear.

Wibbly wobbly timey wimey  stuff….

So this episode could have some massive implications if we think about it. Like, umm.. is the Doctor a distant relative to Clara? Since she was traveling within her own timeline and she ends up at a part of the Doctor’s timeline. I keep thinking back to “The Name of the Doctor” in which River asks the Doctor why is it that Clara can see her also. Could it be because the Doctor and Clara share some distant relation? Hope not but the way things are going who knows.

Favorite Quote: “You wake up or you think you do and there’s someone in the dark, someone close, or you think there might be.” – The Doctor

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  1. I enjoyed it because it seemed so different: that slow, contemplative feeling starting with the Doctor meditating on the Tardis roof. The shocks were changes of perspective- “He’ll never be a time lord”. Yes, I did just hear correctly.

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