Doctor Who: Time Heist

A good episode but one I found to be a bit boring and predictable in places. The concept is fantastic for Doctor Who. Breaking into the most secure bank in the galaxy and it opens in a rather original way with none of the characters remembering why they have all decided to rob this bank but knowing that they had already agreed to it for some reason before wiping their memories. Excellent idea and yet the episode doesn’t quite pull it off. I don’t really buy the fact that this is the galaxy’s most difficult bank to break into. The guilt monitor alien idea is cool but is that all? I could have done without the ‘Oceans 11’ vibe that the director was trying to give this along with the bank heist/secret agent cheapo music. I think if Doctor Who does Bank Heist then make it Doctor Who and let it do it’s own thing rather than depending on homages to other movies.

I really wanted to like this more and in general it’s a well made 45 minute episode with great ideas. It just seems a little boring and it really shouldn’t be.

Favorite Quote: “It’s a time machine not a miracle worker.” – The Doctor

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