Doctor Who: The Caretaker

Ah yes. This was good. The best of this series so far and I felt like all the pieces were in place, good story, good Capaldi, the relationship between the Doctor and Clara working perfectly and it had many funny moments.

I think this is the first episode that really establishes how Clara and this Doctor now relate to each other. He is something of a protective Father figure, in his own eyes at least and she is the daughter type figure trying to introduce two hot headed males to each other. The Doctor who is anti soldiers after been one himself in the Time War to Danny Pink a former soldier who doesn’t want to be seen as just a soldier.

It was funny too how the Doctor mistakes another Teacher that looks like the 11th as been the man she has fallen for. The alien robot threat itself wasn’t really interesting and the robot itself looked like something pulled off the cBeebies. But as this was more of a character driven episode I don’t much mind about that. I only hope this upward trend continues now that this show has finally found it’s feet and knows how to do a good 12th Doctor episode. Love Capaldi’s 12th Doctor. Really got a 9th Doctor/Sherlock vibe from him tonight.

Favorite Quote: “How can you think that I’m her dad when we both look exactly the same age.” – The Doctor

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