Guardians of the Galaxy

So lots of people are comparing this to when they first saw Star Wars.

Y’all talking about Episode 1 right?

Granted it’s a well made movie and enjoyable in parts. Clearly overhyped and the humor has Joss Whedon written all over it. Which is easy to see when he has approval over who Directs these future marvel movies.

To me it’s a kids movie and I would say the characters are aimed at kids with their catch phrases and cute moments. The effects while pretty are a little too much. At the end battle with lots of shooting space craft all over the screen and I couldn’t distinguish which ship was supposed to be the hero ship because there’s too much sh*t thrown out all over the place and I personally think the hero ship doesn’t have an identifiable quality. It doesn’t even have a friggin name for me to remember. There’s absolutly nothing wrong with this been a kids movie though. I think these characters are in the same vein as Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters etc. It’s cool. I’m just not the target audience I believe. Or I’m just getting frigging old.  Gods damn it.

The other thing about this movie is that it’s part of the marvel universe of films and I sometimes feel that these movies are just building up to the “real” story we will see in the second Avengers movie. So I kinda dislike that these movies are in some ways serving that story that Whedon is building upon.

Granted, Captain America was it’s own film. But with that movie I found it rather lacking in the humor department with a very bland character in Captain America. With Guardians of the Galaxy it’s too much the other way with too few serious moments and the humor taking over and taking away from the drama of the film.

Ok. Finally the Good. And the good is good. And the good is why ye shall watch this movie. The Soundtrack. I f**king love the soundtrack of this movie. For all the film’s faults it’s the soundtrack which saves it for me and really, it’s the soundtrack that makes this the popular movie it is today. From the opening scenes of the film to the very end of the movie it’s the songs in that had me grinning from ear to ear. So I don’t get that nostalgic Star Wars vibe but I do get that nostalgic music vibe of mixtapes of 70s and 80s hit songs all played on a walkman. Oh yes 🙂

As for the very end credits scene. Another big smile was put on my face when Howard the Duck shows up! At first I didn’t recognize him since he looks nothing like the movie version from 1986. Rock on with more nostalgia.

If you’re gonna watch this movie then make sure you have a 70s/80s playlist of songs to listen to on the way home. Better yet. Don’t watch the movie and just buy the soundtrack itself.

Favorite Song: “Fooled around and fell in love” – Elvin Bishop

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