Doctor Who: Kill the Moon

Kill the moon

Continuing the upward trend of good episodes ‘Kill the Moon’ is heavy on drama and builds on the growing conflict between Clara and the Doctor.

In ways they are both right about the decision that needs to be made about the moon. The Doctor has almost adopted Earth as his Home. He is the self proclaimed defender of it and yet buggered off to let someone else deal with it. He is right in a way when he says humanity needs to stand on it’s own two feet and make the decision. But the least he could have done is hung around to be a friend for support.

Clara was in a terrible position about what to do to the moon and yet when she gives the choice to humanity to make she ignores the collective will of the people and makes up her own mind. It seemed like a no brainer situation though. Billions of lives VS a very big one. As for her anger at the Doctor at the end. Pretty justified.

I think now Capaldi’s Doctor is finally established and fully formed. What we get is a Doctor unlike any of the others before. He can be downright unlikable even for his roguish ways. He has no time to empathize over death, he has no fear of his own since he has a brand new set of regenerations in front of him. But he is also very grounded in his thinking. The way he perceives time is simpler than say 11 or 10. We don’t have any of that silly internet browser view of time and to him the past, present and future are all one thing much as the way we see the past as having already happened. Instead of time wimey detectors he uses a yo-yo and a black board. It’s all very back to basics and very accessible to audiences in terms of explaining things even if the science in the episode is a bit off in places.

So I really really REALLY like this episode and hope this is how things go from now on. It’s getting quite intense, somewhat adult in nature due to the drama unfolding but refreshingly so.

Favorite Quote: “Everything’s dangerous if you want it to be.  Eating chips is dangerous, crossing the road.  It’s no way to live your life.” – The Doctor

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