Doctor Who: Mummy on the Orient Express

Another really good episode of Doctor Who with lots of drama, fun, mystery surrounded in an even bigger mystery with nice callbacks all the way to the end of Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor’s first season.

The second half of this season seems to be so much more together with it than at the beginning and any of these episodes I would have rather had as a season premiere as they show the 12th Doctor in such a strong light.

This 12th Doctor is such an enigma. There’s a point near the end where he says he saved Clara but let everyone else die. For a second you almost believe him and with 12 you’re never quite sure what he is capable of. While he can be funny he also comes across as terribly dangerous and unlike other Doctors who at times have their weapons on show 12 seems like the one who’s got a knife up his sleeve. I really like that aspect. Capaldi blows the socks off the acting. He is so very subtle and intelligent and is great at emulating other Doctors from time to time.

Frank Skinner is in this and as someone who listens to his absolute radio podcasts on a regular basis I know he is a very big Doctor Who fan. His radio show is often taken over at times with his love of Doctor Who so I’m happy for him as a fan that he was able to be in this episode which portrays his character in a rather strong light. There’s even a scene at the end where the Doctor asks him about joining him. I certainly would like that. It would be another refreshing change to the show to have a full time male companion on it. Why not? I think they built up a fairly strong character here who clearly has a bit more behind him than was shown here.

Favorite quote: “Sometimes the only choices you have are bad ones. But you still have to choose.”– The Doctor

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