Doctor Who: Flatline

Another high concept idea for this series of Doctor Who yet I didn’t find it as entertaining as last weeks episode. I guess trains flying through space appeal to me more than 2D villains or a giant alien inside the moon.

Flatline is still a great episode though. Very well made, good effects, keeps the momentum going, some funny moments with the shrinking Tardis. The guy from the beginning of Batman 89 is in it. The graffiti kid’s acting was good. 2D villains are a very interesting concept although I think without a clear appearance or “face” they aren’t going to be all that popular. This series really seems to be pushing the boundaries of fresh and creative new aliens to battle and they aren’t your typical guy in a mask but creatures which are attacking the human senses of sight, sound and touch.

What is up with Capaldi’s hair at the end though? It went from Puffy to flat to puffy again. Do these monsters attack hairstyles too?

Favorite Quote:Goodness had nothing to do with it.” – The Doctor

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