Doctor Who: In the Forest of the Night

Fairly bland episode this week. But when your enemy is Trees what can you expect? A good episode in as much that Capaldi is great again. The kids in this aren’t annoying and the play between the Doctor and the school kids is rather funny.

The things which are starting to grate on my nerves though is that there is a bit too much focus on Clara and Danny again, their relationship and the Doctor inadvertently getting in the way of that. But we’ve been down this road before surely haven’t we? Ok, so Clara isn’t in love with the Doctor but he is an older wiser man with a magic box and that still holds some degree of addiction to the man and his adventures.

As for the resolution of the episode. I saw it coming 10 minutes before Doctor idiot got it. I think they made it too obvious for the audience earlier on by explaining how trees saved the planet before and were fire proof etc. Oh well.

Favorite Quote: “I hope i’m right. Slightly awkward if the world was destroyed at this point.” – The Doctor

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