Doctor Who: Dark Water

Finally after a season of tension building we see Clara and the Doctor go head to head. Unfortunately this is all too brief a moment but it’s nice to see a companion try take on the Doctor and Clara herself was getting a bit doctorish in her ways. Considering how closely linked she is with the Doctor it’s of no surprise that she is the one who we could say knows him better than most companions.

The volcano scenes were fairly cool and everything really seemed to have gone to hell. I bet even Sauron was bricking it for a moment there. It’s a pity we didn’t stick with the reality of this situation instead of jumping off to an adventure.

The rest of the episode feels too much like set up for part II. Everything is leading towards the cliff hanger, a big reveal that then makes us wait a week until it’s followed up on. This is perhaps the most RTD type of Doctor Who episode since the Moff took over. A large character reveal at the last moment, Daleks, Cybermen, the Master and then the episode ends and you feel like the only part you really needed to tune in to was the last two minutes.

As for the big Missy reveal. I’m holding out on judging this one until I see what happens next week. At first I thought it might be Jenny or any female timelord. But the Mistress… I’m not entirely convinced.

By the way, Capladi fantastic.

Favorite Quote: “Do you think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?” – The Doctor

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