Doctor Who: Death in Heaven

Here we have an episode that really didn’t deliver. The whole season we’ve been building up to this with people from various episodes dying and mysteriously appearing in Missy’s afterlife. The promised land which is mentioned in 2 episodes specifically (Deep Breath and Robots of Sherwood) which featured Alien robots in search of this paradise. Then all this climaxes in last weeks penultimate episode that brings up more questions such as how did the Master/Missy escape from Gallifrey?

None of these things are addressed or answered. There is no mention of the various characters who died in previous episodes only to appear in the the Netherspear. There is no explanation as to why those alien robots of two distinct races were looking for this so called after life. We don’t find out how Missy escaped. No, instead we get a patchwork of scenes thrown together in this mess of an episode with some truly face in my hands “I can’t believe they did” that scenes.

But first, the good. Stand out scene is Capaldi sky diving after his Tardis and the Enterprise… I mean Tardis rising above the clouds. The scenes with Clara and the Doctor at the very end lying to each other thinking that they are serving the other ones interests best. The stereotypical fan Osgood wood good or whatever you call her is turned to dust.

The Bad. First and foremost the tribute to the Brigadier. They turn him into a Cyberman. It seems so utterly UTTERLY tasteless and surely to some people who knew Nicholas Courtney, offensive. What were they thinking? It’s the tip of the ice-berg. Making Cyberman out of dead people who crawl out of their graves is surely going to upset quite a few people. I have a pretty high tolerance for offensive things in movies and TV but even these scenes made me uncomfortable. The plot behind it is also beyond ridiculous i.e. rain from the sky turns dead people into Cybermen. Weak, very very weak. The Cyberman of the 2005 era also continue to get lamer with their new Iron Man rocket boots.

A lot of pointless talky scenes about whether the Doctor is a good man or a bad man. We’ve covered this ground in the series already. Either be bad or stop questioning your goodness. What was the point of Missy in this episode except to act quirky and strange. Unfortunately we’ll never have a mustache twirling Master on this show again. Just an insane one.

Capaldi great. Has some excellent scenes but a lot of things in this episode and some of this series lets the show down as a whole. If rain turning people into robots is considered good enough writing to get on TV then this show has really fallen flat on it’s ass.

Favorite Quote: “Never trust a hug, it’s just a way to hide your face.” – The Doctor

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