Doctor Who: Last Christmas

Last Christmas is a fairly entertaining Doctor Who episode of Christmas proportions. Nothing mind blowing and it tends to redo episodes like ‘Amy’s Choice’ with dreams within dreams. There are also nods to quite a few other movies of SF and horror which one of the characters in the episode points out for us, Steven Moffat seems to be a bit overly fond of adding these nods and then trying to catch the fans out by having a character referencing them before we get on the net to do so.

Nick Frost as Santa was good. He doesn’t have much room for anything beyond that since Santa is generally supposed to be a good guy here. The 12th Doctor too was a bit too mushy here when he was flying Santa’s Slay. All of time and space at his finger tips and he gets excited about flying a slay?

As for the ending, it would have been a perfect ending for Clara’s character and I wonder if Coleman’s rumored last minute decision to stay on was the reason for that twist.

Favorite Quote: There’s a horror movie called Alien? That’s really offensive. No wonder everyone keeps invading you. – The Doctor

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