Furious 7

It’s been 14 years since I last watched a movie in the Fast and the Furious franchise. The previous one I watched being the first movie which seemed like a one off at the time. I remember going to see it at the weekend just to burn a few hours. I wasn’t particularly bowled over by the fast cars and women in short skirts shaking their asses at the cinema screen but something inside my man brain said I should go.

It’s interesting how the franchise has changed in that time. If you were to put the first and last movie back to back they are tonally different and set in different worlds. The acting is still consistently crappy though which is good. It had seemed after the first movie it wasn’t a franchise that had legs. Paul Walker did one, Vin Diesel did a cameo in one. In fact it seemed that Diesel was bigger than this movie as he branched out into other projects such as ‘xXx’ and sequels to ‘Pitch Black’.

I do find myself dying inside a little bit each time when people tell me that Vin Diesel is so cool or when people say they love car chase movies then list their favorite car chase movies as ‘Fast and the Furious’ 1 – 7. F**k me….

Putting some of my negativity aside ‘Furious 7’ is the best of the Franchise so far. Bringing in Jason Statham was nice as he and this franchise go well together. My favorite character has to be the Rock as special agent Dobbs for that fact that I can believe that when he falls off a building he might actually survive it due to his muscular stature which reminds of the good ole action days of Stallone and Schwarzenegger.

The action is really really dumb. It’s so ungrounded in reality that you can’t feel any sense of danger or threat to these characters. Vin Diesel drives off a frickin mountain and survives. I just can’t turn my brain off fully to accept that he survived. I really hate these kind of action movies. Still the action is entertaining enough, it seems  unconnected though. Each action scene is self contained. I was thinking of scenes like the Helicopter, when it gets blown up it could have fallen on Diesel and he’d have to jump out of the way. The danger just stops as the next action set piece is readied. They need Bret Ratner on this thing.  Do a Rush Hour 2 on it where you’re never out of danger until the end credits.

The ending is really sad but a fitting tribute to Paul Walker. It almost seems like a good point to retire the series but Furious 8 & 9 are already on the way. For his last movie Walker doesn’t take much of a lead for obvious reasons. There are some scenes which I could tell were not actually him but overall his inclusion into the film is done very well and tastefully so.

Favorite Quote:You’ll always be with me. And you’ll always be my brother.” – Dominic Toretto

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