Vengeance‘Vengeance’ also know as ‘Kung Fu Vengeance’ is a 1970 Kung Fu crime movie by one of the great Kung Fu directors, Chang Cheh. Unlike a lot of his other Kung Fu flicks (which tend to show the spectacular action using the rock, paper, scissors formula in which one technique trumps another) here we have far more brutal kung fu scenes in which our main anti hero has to continuously stamp on someone’s face to kill them. It’s also the first time I’ve ever seen someone killed with a smoking pipe. Awesome.

If you want to know where people wearing White Suits in John Woo movies came from then watch this. It’s clearly a film that has heavily inspired film makers of later generations yet in the foreign market it doesn’t really seem to have got the attention it so justify deserves beyond Tarantino using some of it’s ideas for ‘Kill Bill’. Yet Vengeance is far more the essential watch when it comes to revenge movies. From the mind blowing death scene of the brother in the opening to the final fight and ending this film has everything a revenge lusting kung fu addict could ever need. Watch it NOW!

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