The Flash Vs Daredevil

I like both of these series in their own special way. They are probably a bit over hyped for their own good but anything remotely comicbookish is gold these days. Marvel continues to expand their universe between movies and TV while DC hasn’t really gotten off the ground yet with the movies but it has done quite well when it comes to the TV universe which is developing very nicely. Unfortunately nothing of the DC universe on TV will cross over to the movies.



The first few episodes were brilliant. It’s like a Batman year one series under the guide of Chris Nolan. They pretty much nailed it early on having the character come in as a total unknown to grow in myth and stature as he tries to clean up the city. The character is fairly brutal, kicking the crap out of people when he isn’t throwing them off buildings. Rosario Dawson plays something of a love interest and is seemingly a very key character early on. Then things seem to just fizzle mid way. Wilson Fisk is introduce as a crime boss that acts like a kid, throwing tantrums and killing people he doesn’t like. In between tantrums he tries to come across as debonair and a powerhouse when it comes to crime but ultimately he is a complete cry baby that I couldn’t care about. Why not explore the character in later seasons? Daredevil gets the crap beaten out of him by cry baby and spends the next few episodes in self pity as do his closest friends when they discover his identity. It is at this point I lost interest in the series and the rest of the viewing became a chore. I’m not sure if I’d come back for a second season of this but what has caught my interest is the introduction of Punisher in season 2.

Favorite Quote: “A woman that can be bought… isn’t worth having.” – Wilson Fisk

The Flash

maxresdefaultThe Flash in comparison to Daredevil seems fairly cheap in places and bland with character development, dialogue and it’s villain of the week format. Yet it’s a far more satisfying show. I’m not a viewer who is usually out just for fun but where Daredevil falls and gets stuck in it’s own self pitying hell, The Flash pulls itself out of the mud and builds on it’s own momentum and fallbacks, basically getting on with what the show is about. The end of almost every episode keeps you coming back for more with tiny cliffhangers that slowly reveal the mystery behind the main villain of season 1, Reverse Flash who is also a mentor to Allen. I love the dichotomy.

What I like also about ‘Th Flash’ is that it embraces it’s geekyness almost like the way ‘Heroes’ season 1 did. There are some nice references/jokes to geek fandom and some absolutely wonderful homages to the 90s Flash series. We have John Wesley Shipp playing Barry Allen’s Dad, Amada Pays shows up in a few episodes as Tina McGee and Mark Hamill returns as the Trickster. It’s really a fun series to watch. In fact it’s the only DC series I watch now. I didn’t start watching ‘Arrow’ and I never bothered with ‘Gotham’ either.

Season 1 had some fun times with Time Travel stories without overdoing it. It pretty much stuck to one main timeline throughout also and discussed in detail the consequences of changing said timeline. Season 2 seems to be hinting that it might blow the lid off that with alternate timelines/universes and sets up a really fun year ahead with the possibilities.

Favorite Quote: Forgive me, but to me, you’ve been dead for centuries – Eobard Thawne

The verdict?

While ‘Daredevil’ is like a fancy dinner at an expensive restaurant ‘The Flash’ is the burger and fries you buy on the way home because you’re still hungry.

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