News of the Month: July 2015

Two websites which I really liked have both come to an end recently. Midnight Eye which reviewed Japanese films of both old and new over the years have decided to call it a day due to the poor state of the Japanese film industry. You can read more about their decision here. I whole heatedly agree with their views and respect their decision.

Another of my favorites was KungFuCinema which reviewed the best and worst that Martial Art movies had to offer. Unfortunately the site is gone completely and won’t be coming back.

I’m delighted to discover that The Legends of Galactic Heroes OVA series has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks. The news was announced at its panel at Anime Expo. I love this series and if you are a fan of space opera I urge you to check it out once released.

In other awesome news Viz Media has licensed the original novel series of Legends of Galactic Heroes and plans to release the first three novels in spring 2016. It’s definitely a good year to be a LOGHs fan.


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