Picks of the Month: July 2015

Here’s a small selection of films I watched recently that I don’t really have time to review but thought worth mentioning. If I were to class these movies I would say “80s Style baby!”

At the cinema…

Mad Max Fury Road

A whole lot of holy F*k moments in this. Some say the action is non-stop but it’s the driving force of the story and it’s a real adrenaline filled, visceral film. A breath of fresh air compared to Bayformers where the action won’t stop.

Mad Max Fury Road has the heart of the 80s in it with the movie budget and effects of the 2010s.

Movies Online….

Kung Fury

Just go watch it. If you love the 80s in any form, if you love Kung Fu, wackiness of time travel and beat-em up video games you need to see this. After check out the music video featuring the great David Hasselhoff.

On Blu Ray

Kingsman: The Secret Service

I thought it might be a parody of spy movies but it’s more of a Bond film on cocaine. Lots of great homages, funny moments, offensive moments and excellent over the top violence. And Michael bloody Caine.


Danger Has Two Faces  皇家大賊

This 1985 Hong Kong movie is a visual treat and is a hard 80s noir in cinematography. Tonally it’s all over the place, it’s a mix of thriller and comedy that go so poorly together it’s unbelievable. Take one instance where the main slapstick character used to the max for comic effect gets a bullet in the face when he discovers who the murderer is.

On video….

Streets of Fire

This 80s/50s rock and roll action film is an absolute joy to watch. It’s so cheesy but clearly knows it is and has the most fun with it. If you don’t care to see Willem Dafoe in leather than the soundtrack will have you hooked from the beginning. Any fans of ‘Bubblegum Crisis’ will love this.

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