Jurassic World

Despite it being the 3rd highest grossing movie of all time most of the comments I have heard and read about the movie are negative. So much so that due to the negative reaction and the unimpressive trailers I decided not to see this in theaters and waited until it was released on Blu Ray.

Seeing this with such low expectations I have to say that the film isn’t so bad. It’s not ‘Jurassic Park’ or ‘The Lost World’ but it is an entertaining way to burn off 2 hours of your lifespan. While it lacks the charismatic thrill, intelligence and intensity of Spielberg’s films it doesn’t go down the path of say Michael Bay or  Zack Synder. Yes, it’s a bit dumb and contrived in paces, especially the ending which turns into an ‘Alien Vs Predator’ type battle. But on the whole it’s not as bad as I expected, it’s more satisfying than ‘Jurassic Park 3’, it’s also not a by the numbers type of movie the likes of Len Wiseman would put out. It entertains and keeps a fairly healthy balance between action and story momentum.

Thankfully they didn’t make the Dinosaurs with Machine guns Sequel that was reported to have been scripted a few years back. This is worth seeing but it’s nowhere near as polished as Spielberg’s movies, nor does it give me any hope for ‘Star Wars Episode IX’ which will be directed by this film’s helmsman, Colin Trevorrow.

Favorite Quote: “Roooaaarrr!!!” – T-Rex

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