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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The force does indeed awaken! Getting William Shatner to appear as Captain Kirk in this movie and having him face off against Han Solo has to be one of the best kept spoilers in movie history. But seriously I can’t … Continue reading

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The Sherlockian

The Sherlockian is a fairly quick read. It’s in the vein of the likes of Dan Brown, Sam Bourne & Jed Rubenfeld. One of those novels that takes a myth or small mystery and spins a larger yarn from it, … Continue reading

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News of the Month: December 2015

The biggest news is that the new ‘Star Trek Beyond’ trailer has been leaked with an official version being released right after. Good news for those of us who bought Star Wars IMAX tickets (which wouldn’t have had the trailer … Continue reading

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Picks of the Month: December 2015

Ok, this is not a regular feature but here are a few things i’ve been watching and listening to over the past few months and i’d like to spread the good word. Trailer Park Boys Podcast First up is the … Continue reading

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Doctor Who Series 9/Season 35

Well this was a real mess of a season. It seemed like they were going to try shake things up a little bit this year but it rarely shined even compared to last year… First the good. What is great … Continue reading

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Spectre is the most James Bondian film of the Craig era we’ve had from the franchise in years. Not since the Brosnan’s era have we had such a fully formed Bond movie like the days of old. I’m not entirely … Continue reading

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