Doctor Who Series 9/Season 35

7118152_doctor-who-hell-bent-review_1cce76d3_mWell this was a real mess of a season. It seemed like they were going to try shake things up a little bit this year but it rarely shined even compared to last year…

First the good. What is great about the show is the acting. The cast is solid, Capaldi is one of the best actor’s to take the role of the Doctor. Jenna Coleman too seems to have stepped up her game this year too to match Capaldi’s presence on screen. There are some wonderful character moments, some great speeches by the doctor and a few interesting ideas here and there but unfortunately the show is let down by the stories. Some people complain that it’s the writing but I disagree because of the above points. It’s the stories that ultimately take the quality of everything else down. They are really starting to become nonsensical. Now, I’m getting older, so part of me is thinking that my brain is missing a few bits of dialogue here and there but in all seriousness, at times I have no idea what the hell is going on and what the ultimate point of it all was. I grew up on Sci-fi, I know my sh*t when it comes to this sort of thing but I feel like i’m almost having to fill in the gaps when the stories don’t make sense anymore. You need to give the audience information so they can keep up with the suspense and mystery, the information must be clear for us to follow, but many times the Doctor said some stuff this season and it just was gibberish.

So, starting off with the first two episodes of the series and it’s not a bad beginning. The Doctor has the shock of his life when he encounters Davros as a boy and is faced with the old age question posed to many, if you could go back in time and kill a dictator as a child, would you? Obviously the Doctor DOESN’T do that but he certainly does have a long long think about it while time traveling other places.

The next two episodes are perhaps my favorite of the season, they present us with the Bootstrap paradox, (basically a timeloop with no clear beginning or end, which the doctor feels necessary to explain to us at the beginning). Using this idea to his benefit he cheats death Bill & Ted style and yet I can’t help thinking why he couldn’t have done this earlier instead of pretending he was dead and his future self a ghost as long as he did.

The next two episodes involve a character named Ashildr who later calls herself “Me” (Moffat having fun). The Doctor is responsible for giving her immortality by saving her life. He encounters her again in the future where the two catch up and have an adventure together which was rather boring. The only interesting part was their little talk at the end.

The Zygon two parter and the Sand monster episodes were not at all good and perhaps the most convoluted episodes of the season.

The final 3 episodes things pick up but it’s unnecessarily ever so complicated, especially the final. Face the Raven is an adequate end for Clara but having the Doctor try cheat death again and not giving her any finality is somewhat annoying. The 2nd last episode though, the one man Doctor show with just Peter Capaldi keeping our interests was just fantastic and he is the main reason why I will keep watching the show.

Steven Moffat has said that he had planned to step down as producer this year since he was feeling burnt out. It shows. It really shows. I love a lot of his work and his writing is excellent but I felt for the first time since the show came back in 2005 that there was no direction this year, what exactly was the point/goal/mission/arc/meaning of this season? Gallifrey has been gone for a long long time but when they finally bring it back to Doctor Who lore there is little ceremony and pomp. The one Man Timelord has been a key point of this 2005 DW show, bringing back the rest of the timelords should be a massive event as it will (or should!) change the face of the show but for all the mystery behind them and their ways there is little impact made by the race that spawned the Doctor himself….

Favorite Quote: “I strongly advise you to stay out of my way. You’ll find that it’s a very small universe when I’m angry with you.”  The Doctor

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