Picks of the Month: December 2015

Ok, this is not a regular feature but here are a few things i’ve been watching and listening to over the past few months and i’d like to spread the good word.

Trailer Park Boys Podcast

First up is the Trailer Park Boys Podcast. For those of you waiting for the next season of the Trailer park boys you can now catch their weekly podcast and listen to it for free http://tpbpodcast.libsyn.com/

Doctor Who: The 8th Doctor Audio Adventures.

Were you blown away by ‘The Night of the Doctor‘? Are you hankering for more Paul McGann? Well, until the BBC come to their senses and bring him back as the Doctor we have his audio adventures to keep us entertained. I’ve recently become addicted to the Big Finish audio series and started with ‘Dark Eyes’ which gives us an 8th Doctor not too far away from the Time War. I think now is definitely the time to get into these audio adventures because not only can we hear McGann’s 8th Doctor but John Hurt, Alex Kingston and David Tennant are all returning to their roles for more Big Finish audio series in the next year or two. If you feel disheartened with series 9 or can’t wait until series 10 (which could well be a year away…) then these audio adventures will warm your ears over the cold months. http://www.bigfinish.com/ranges/released/doctor-who—the-8th-doctor-collected

Trek Yards

Do you love Starships from Star Trek? Captain Stuart Foley and Commander Cockings discuss in detail the various ships that have appeared on Star Trek over the years. Not only do they banter between themselves but they often have special guests on their videos such as Doug Drexler, Andrew Probert, Rick Sternbach & John Eaves to discuss their designs and the inspiration behind their design process. Fantastic stuff, however not for the casual fan. Episodes can be found on youtube or at their website http://trekyards.com/video/episodes/

Greg Proops Film Club

Greg Proops whom a lot of you will know from “Whose Line is it Anyway?” has a film podcast which is downright hilarious and informative. Greg has an excellent taste in film and adds to the overall enjoyment of the film viewing experience with his podcast, play it before watching the selected film for a introduction and then listen to his thoughts on it afterwards https://soundcloud.com/gpfc



Damn it! Why didn’t I watch this in the movie theater? After becoming disheartened with the cold, business type manner that Marvel films are pumped out with and the disappointing Avengers 2 I had zero interest in seeing this on the Big Screen. Why is it so good? Maybe because Edgar Wright worked on this for a long time before leaving it. It’s a highly entertaining and fun movie which had me laughing often at the sheer quirkiness of it all. Best Marvel film in years.

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