News of the Month: December 2015

The biggest news is that the new ‘Star Trek Beyond’ trailer has been leaked with an official version being released right after. Good news for those of us who bought Star Wars IMAX tickets (which wouldn’t have had the trailer with it)

As feared it looks like they are going the route of Guardians of the Galaxy with this. Is Star Trek truly dead with this shift to appeal even further to the mainstream audiences? What was it that got us here in the first place? Anyway, here is it….


Sadako VS. Kayako/貞子 vs 伽椰子

WTF? Is this actually happening? Yes, it is, June 2016. Probably going to be a terrible, cheaply made movie but what the hell. My money is on Sads. Never liked Juron.

On the other side of the world Rings (The Ring 3) is also set for a June 2016 release. Here’s hoping Koji Suzuki’s other two Ring Universe novels ‘S’ and ‘Tide’ will be released around then too.

Knight Rider Heroes

No idea what this is, but it’s a cool trailer. What I hope is that it’s David Hasselhoff to take up the role of Michael Knight again.

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