Sherlock: The Abominable Bride

SherlockWhat an utterly delectable episode of ‘Sherlock’ to tie us over until series 4 arrives. I loved it. Where to begin, the Victorian setting taking us back to the time of the original Holmes stories. The homages to previous Holmes actors and series, the appearance of Cumberbatch’s Sherlock reminded me a lot of the magnificent Jeremy Brett, even down to the pipe! The music too had hints of the theme from Brett’s Granada Sherlock Holmes series and I felt the banter between Watson and Holmes reflected that of Brett’s Holmes and David Burke’s Watson particularly the scene with Watson and Holmes on stakeout and Watson asking Holmes what he had taken this time, morphine or cocaine.

While those were the Granada series references I could spot I felt that Cumberbatch’s portrayal of Victorian Holmes definitely echoed Basil Rathbone’s Holmes far more, the cool prominence of the intellectually superior aspect to the character as well as the hunting cap and coat which was featured in the earlier Rathbone films.

What else I loved was that it was not just tied off from events in 2014 but both eras had an ‘Inception’ like impact on the story-lines of each other. Trying to discover how Moriarty could have survived by using the case of the bride from a hundred years prior was a great idea for the story and setting. Other points to have a fangasm about; red beard, Holmes drug problem is finally addressed directly, Holmes meeting with Watson is the same as the present day ‘Sherlock’ (just as in the books), Reichenbach Falls! (they actually did it!)

While Sherlock proclaims at the end of the episode that Moriarty is indeed dead I think this is a bit of a red herring. I think the whole “it’s always a twin” business is a clue to figuring out how Moriarty survived if indeed he did. I have mentioned before that the books have mention of a brother….

Favorite Quote: “Which is it this time? Morphine or Cocaine?” – Watson

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