Doctor Who: The Husbands of River Song

So I watched this Christmas night when everyone else had gone to bed, such is the life of a Science Fiction fan. I was tired, hungover, jet lagged, stuffed to my gob with food and emotionally spent after meeting relatives and family with many introductions. It probably wasn’t the best time to view this episode but I couldn’t let Christmas day pass with my Doctor Who. Doctor Who fills that Christmas program need of mine when everything else is soaps and strictly come dancing christmas specials. It used to be ‘Only Fools and Horses’.

So my first thoughts after watching this was that it’s another case of having too much as a fan. We desire to see the last adventure of River and the Doctor before she meets Doctor 10. It’s a nice episode but for River Song’s possibly final adventure I expected something more to match her first appearance. River Song episodes to me are “event” episodes but this didn’t have the wallop of her other appearances. The ending of the episode does pull it out of the bag and gave a nice warm feeling.

Favorite Quote: “24 years.” – The Doctor

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