DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

What a fun show. The kind of fun you had when you watched shows like ‘The A-Team’, ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ and ‘Stargate SG-1’. ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ has an extra slice of cheese on top, though…. Make that two slices.

It’s a show that has the odds stack in it’s favor. Why? Firstly, it’s coming off of the success of ‘Arrow’ (which I don’t watch) and ‘The Flash’ (which I do). It has a built in audience that has met some of these characters already and know what to expect from a show that’s related to ‘The Flash’.

The cast of heroes are highly appealing, we have the anti heroes Captain Cold and Heat Wave both of whom brought the Flash to his knees on more than one occasion, we have Professor Stein and Jax, two characters who couldn’t be anymore different if they tried yet they have to merge together in order to become Firestorm, a great play of learning from one another despite the generation. There’s Hawkgirl and White Canary, both of whom do the most ass kicking on the show, there’s Rip Hunter, a time traveler played by Arthur Darvil (Rory from ‘Doctor Who’) and finally Brandon Routh as Atom, an Ant-Man/Iron Man lookalike that’s a ton of fun to watch onscreen. I personally liked ‘Superman Returns’ and was disappointed that Routh never returned to the role. Seeing him play a DC Super Hero again is a delight for me.

The Concept, a group of Super Heroes on a Time Traveling Space Ship fighting against an immortal Villain throughout time. **** yeah! It’s almost like an American version of ‘Doctor Who’ except instead of a Police Box it’s a rad spaceship, instead of a Companion it’s a bunch of people with super powers, instead of solving problems with speeches there’s stuff that blows up.

Two episodes in and it’s very action orientated, which is nice but I doubt it can be kept up all the time. The humor is a little off too, they need to work on the timing of the jokes a little more. Some things like that seem rushed but I can’t see how a show like this can fail with everything that’s going for it.

As for the time travel aspects. I might not bother trying to figure it out. It’s going to be whatever works for the episode and the rules of time travel will be very flexible and nonsensical here. With lines like “Time is like cement, it takes a while to be permanent“, you know what kind of time travel ideas you’re dealing with.

Favorite Quote:Time changes, people don’t.” – Rip Hunter

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