The Little Prince (2015 Movie)

If you thought what George Lucas did to lil’Anikin Skywalker was bad wait till you see what they did to the little Prince in this!

Nothing is scared in the world of movies as we all know and it was only a matter of time before someone got their claws into this. This movie is two fairly decent movies squashed into one less appealing. The magic and famous quotes from the little Prince story is torn from the original and slapped onto another less interesting animated movie about a young girl and her monster mother who doesn’t want her daughter to “think”. The young girl meets an eccentric old neighbor who opens her eyes to another world. Really, this idea could be the basis of any animated movie or TV movie of the week. It’s nothing original or new. What they do here is capitalize on the name, now brand, of the Little Prince. What the filmmakers will have you believe is that this is the story of the little prince delicately woven into the narrative of a young girl who is being forced to grow up too fast.

Spoilers follow……

To show the plight of the girl’s story and to bring it to a fruitful conclusion in which “she” saves the little Prince the story takes a twist by having the Little Prince grow up to become a deadbeat adult worker who knows nothing of his past, childlike wisdom and love. Why did the filmmakers feel the need to take the purity of a character whom can never grow old and who symbolizes the youth in all of us and have him become one of us? Is that a story that really needs to be told? Is it a fitting sequel/continuation of that story we fell in love with?

They should have just gone with a straight adaptation. The animated parts of the little Prince’s original story is beautifully animated and for the few moments we do gimps that story of him and his encounter with the pilot they are as touching as one remembers. The voice acting of the little prince is awfully bland and kiddish sounding though.

If you want to really know about the little prince then read the story. If you have kids tell it to them at bedtime. The film is only something to be viewed as an afterthought. Don’t rob yourself of the experience of your first encounter with the little prince by watching the movie first.

Favorite Quote: “it is only with heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” – The Little Prince

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