Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice


Oh man…. I don’t even know where to start with this one. Why can’t Zack Snyder stop playing with himself, why does Warner Brothers allow him to keeping playing with himself? He clearly can’t rein himself in.


So we’ve had two Superman films now and the character is just as dark as hell. Where they went wrong with Superman was this, they put him in the real world. The late script writer Tom Mankiewicz who did extensive rewrites on the 1978 ‘Superman’ was once asked by Christopher Reeve to help him out with the story on ‘Superman IV: The Quest for Peace’, a story in which Superman rids the world of nuclear weapons, Mankiewicz politely declined saying “Chris you’re forgetting the rules of Superman. World disarmament is a wonderful thing but Superman can’t get involved in things like that because everybody knows he could disarm the whole world in 20 minutes if he wanted to do. You can’t bring up famine in a Superman movie because Superman could feed the world if he wanted to. So don’t get into those areas because it’s not going to work.” Chris understood but he went ahead and did it anyway. BVS and ‘Man of Steel‘ both seem to be trying to set Superman in the real world which I think I praised in the past but ultimately believe that the character is too fantastic to be brought down to the levels of our society. Bryan Singer had the right idea. Superman is Superman, lets just deal with it and move on. Getting all political and profound about it really brings down the character because it humanizes him and makes him darker and flawed which is not the kind of Superhero he is.  From the moment they had him break Zod’s neck (which Chris Nolan told Snyder not to do) the character’s purity has been lost and dragged through the mud. What we need is a Superman not only above us in powers but personality too. What we do get of Superman in this film is fairly little too.


Let’s be honest, this is the film Snyder really wants to make isn’t it? He brings us a slightly more badass, superhuman Batman that is closer to the comics and animation on recent years. It’s refreshing and fun yet there are times when the character is over the top and the whole no killing and no guns thing is f**ked right out the window. This is Batman let loose. Killing people, blowing shit up. But I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it through open fingers as I face palmed myself while the Batmobile blew up cars with occupants inside them. This is more of a Donald Trump Batman whose mission is to rid the world of the ultimate immigrant, Superman. Jeremy Irons is the best Alfred, he is very witty and sarcastic and a great foil to Ben Affleck’s Batman.

The rest:

So much is shoehorned in here. It’s a real shame they couldn’t have been patient and built up their universe over time like the Marvel movies did. Introducing other heroes at this stage in a movie like this is information overload and stinks of DC films trying to play catch up. What little we see of Wonder Woman in this leaves little to be desired. No character development. She is just there and starts fighting when needed. The scene introducing the other meta humans is really weak, I don’t know and don’t care about them, get back to the movie about Batman and Superman please. The fight too was very short.

The good?:

Martha. Never made that connection before and OMG a scene with character development where stuff isn’t blowing up and I can see the actor’s faces clearly. Batman is a character I want to see more of.

The bad:

They messed up Superman some more, too much crap is thrown at us, Superman somehow thinks he can just tell Batman to stop fighting crime after Batman has already been doing that for 20 years. Way to be an arrogant and almighty Superdick. Also how many dream sequences do we need to see?

To sum up:

If you are a casual film goer this movie isn’t for you. If you know nothing about DC comics beyond Batman and Superman than this is going to confuse the shit out of you. While Marvel films built up their universe and kept us in the game ‘Batman V Superman: Even the title is a mouthful’ throws so much information at you that you feel like you should already know that you’ll be alienated from the film. If you are a hardcore DC fan that knows everything then maybe some parts of this film will be fun for you, other parts will piss you off. If you are inbetween these two then even just trying to appreciate the film on it’s own merits will be fairly difficult. It’s something of a mess in places that had me shaking my head.

The future of the DC film universe:

Are they really going to make a Justice League film after this? I think not despite the fact that filming is supposed to start on that movie next month. So where to go from here? Honestly? Just make more Batman movies. Make a Ben Affleck Batman Trilogy, make a ‘Batman Beyond’ Trilogy and have them crossover with a multi Batman movie.

Favorite Quote: “Do you bleed?” – Batman

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  1. Honestly well written, boss! Great work! Check out my review too!

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