Captain America: Civil War

imageThis is an excellent movie or better yet a spectacular one.

Captain America isn’t the most interesting marvel character to me. Checking my blog I noticed I haven’t written about his first movie which was an adequate start to his story nor did I write about the Winter Solider which I found less enjoyable and rather bland despite the action in it.

Civil War however is a different beast and a very different Marvel movie. It is the darkest of all marvel films so far in my opinion and wipes the floor with DC’s face when compared to what was done in BvS. It is not only entertaining but it somehow manages to balance all the characters that the marvel films have now and introduce two more! It’s an impressive display in comic book movie making.

I was already more than satisfied with the film before Spider-Man shows up and man they really nailed Spider-Man this time. We finally got the real Spider-man back. The geeky, well meaning teenager who is just starting to dip his toes into this superhero business is a compelling one.  He’s so much fun from the very beginning and had me laughing with joy. The chemistry between Tom Holland and Robert Downey jr is perfect and I can’t wait to see them back onscreen together next year.

If I were to guess I get the feeling that there is a beginning of the end story for ‘Iron-Man‘ here. We’ll get at least another 3-4 films featuring Iron-Man played by Robert Downey Jr but considering where we find and leave the character in this movie I think there can’t be much beyond those. First we see Tony Stark as a serious man here more than we have ever seen him, he is on the brink, jumpy, aging, his relationship with Pepper is on the rocks, he takes the Avengers down a path which he believes will protect them and becomes something of the anti-Villain of this movie. He also seems to be playing the older mentor role to ‘Spider-man’ which suggests a passing of the Marvel flame.

Whose side am I on? Well I can’t agree with everything Iron-Man does but he is far more likeable than Captain America and I have zero sympathy for the Winter Solider who shows no remorse for anything he has done. Kick their asses Iron-Man!

Favorite Quote: “You have a metal arm? That is AWESOME, dude!” – Spider-Man

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