Enterprise: The First Adventure

Now, the untold story – Captain Kirk’s First Mission!

latestCompared to Star Trek Academy Collision Course and the 2009 film I felt this is a fairly satisfying first meeting between these classic characters. I say that a Star Trek fan who likes his continuity in large doses. I think the characters and their interactions in this book are what we expect and want from them. They are familiar, at times a bit too familiar with each other. Kirk and Spock’s relationship could have been a little rougher, their conflict remains fairly close to what we see from the first season of the original series onward. However, lesser known characters such as Janice Rand definitely benefit more with this type of novel due to their backgrounds been open for exploration.

The Sci-fi concepts in the book are interesting. I like the idea of the world ship and the power of it’s inhabitants that the crew of the Enterprise cannot yet fully comprehend.
The mixture of fun, adventure and danger are a little off balance. While on the one hand you have characters dealing with a first contact situation with a powerful and advanced species, on the other there are moments of minor squabbles among crew and circus performers during this first contact and then there is  large emphasis placed on if an Equiraptor (a horse with wings) will have enough room to fly around. Then you have the Klingons thrown into the mix and a situation that might lead to an interstellar war with them. The book suffers from not being able to focus on any of these situations. The strongest impression I was left with after reading was of the horse. I like horses but frankly that’s not the story i’m interested in here when I pick up a book about the Enterprise’s first Adventure.

My only other nitpicks are that the story doesn’t really go anywhere. It’s an exploration of the characters and where they’re all coming from in this part of their lives. Unlike the 2009 movie which brings the characters together through action and the looming threat in the distance ‘The First Adventure’ book develops and fills in the backgrounds of things only hinted at in the series and movies. That’s all fine and it does make for a must read but it would have been nice to see them a little bit more challenged.

Favorite Quote: Vulcans claim they control all their emotions in order to eliminate anger and violence, as if anger were the hardest thing to conquer. But it’s ridiculously simple compared to grief, compared to love.

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