Star Trek Beyond

Back in 2014 Roberto Orci was picked to direct this movie. Having worked on the script of the first two JJ Trek movies. Star Trek 3 would be his first directorial debut.  His idea for the 2016 Star Trek movie was interesting and fitting for a 50th Anniversary movie. William Shatner would have returned as Kirk in some manner, whether it was time travel (which Orci denied) or through Mirror Universe, Holodeck etc we’ll never know but considering how well ‘Days of Future Past‘ did it seemed like a great idea. I love Bill Shatner. He is Star Trek to me, he makes Kirk bigger than Kirk. We also saw how well bringing Han Solo back to Star Wars did. It seems like such a missed opportunity that we never got to see William Shatner back in the role once more. Which are what a lot of people, fans and non fan would love to see.

Instead we get….Star Trek Beyond……

The Script

For all those calling out for a more exploratory movie with new aliens then this is the best you’ll get. 3 years of exploration skipped over with generic alien of the week type villains that want revenge.

Planet based episodes and movies aren’t really my favorite so considering that a large portion of the movie takes place on a planet didn’t leave me thrilled. I did feel bored in parts. I’m more of a Starships in space guy and what the characters got up to on the planet was pretty perfunctory and as expected.

I’ll be honest and say that I was very skeptical of Robert Oric Directing Star Trek mostly because it would have been his first directing gig and he would be holding the Billion dollar Vase that is Star Trek, also he’s not a name recognizable Director. I think at the very least Star Trek needs big named Directors since it’s lacking big named actors. Simon Pegg would be the biggest name here. Of all the cast members in this movie I have seen four movies at the cinema in the past 2 years featuring Simon Pegg. I have not seen any movies featuring Quinto, Pine, Salanda. Frankly, you can see why they gave him the writing gig, he is worth every penny.


Actiony, sometimes cute but Jaylah is uninteresting. With a large cast of regulars that are more deserving of exploration we are introduced to a brand new character in this film that we are supposed to care about after her sob story. Her fight scenes were generic and made me yawn. It seems she was shoe horned into this to make it less Star Treky and to possibly appear in future sequels. Unfortunately Hollywood is in a panic these days to show that women can kick butt like men do which is all fine and well but it makes more rounded, normal female characters redundant. Hurray for equality but the female audience doesn’t just consist of Tom Boys.


We had villains named Krall on Star Trek before right? Or was that Stargate? He is as generic as his name even after his background is revealed. Wants revenge because…. he just wants it. We have another fine British Actor Idris Elba. One wonders if the popularity of Cumberbatch being cast in ‘Into Darkness’ was one of the reasons for choosing Elba. Unfortunately he is way underused so with no strong motivation or exploration of his inner persona he is highly uninteresting.

Enterprise NCC 1701-A

Even uglier than the former design. Why did they even need to give us a new Enterprise? Why not leave it for the director of Star Trek 4 to decide which route the new Enterprise design will take? But no, they contort the design even further and continue with the dull, cold “kewl” blue nacelles and deflector.


Even though the film got so many things right and grounded the characters a little more, made them more themselves I still feel disappointed with this movie. I guess for a movie released on the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek this is something of a let down. Why? Because it just feels like any other movie, it’s Star Trek but it’s more regular action movie than Star Trek. That’s what the studio wants and they want to push it even further into non star trek territory. Will it give it more success? About as much success as taking light sabers and X-Wings out of Star Wars would. They want to sell a brand they have, yet they want to give us something different with the brand. I guess it’s like New Coke. Where my interest and excitement lies is in ‘Star Trek Discovery’ mainly because it’s obviously an effort to put the Star Trek back into Star Trek again while also making it appealing to general audiences. Discovery is not just using the name of Star Trek, it’s clearly trying to live up to the name of Star Trek and i’m really looking forward to it.

Favorite Quote:We change. We have to. Or we spend the rest of our lives fighting the same battles.” – Captain James T Kirk

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