Dragon Ball Super

maxresdefaultDragon Ball Super is as great as you ever hoped a new Dragon Ball series would be. With as much action, story and dragged out fights as DBZ but with the comedy heights of DB thrown in. It’s definitely not another ‘Dragon Ball Z’ (or GT). The characters are far less serious, even Vegeta, who is friggin hilarious in this since he is such a serious character, is placed in situations where he has to bend his stubborn will to a situation. It’s great, we get to see characters be more like family people, Goku is working on a farm (sleeping), Krillin is a police officer, Vegeta is trying to be a good Dad. Gohan is the most changed, having become embroiled in love and family he is now a salary man who hasn’t kept up with his training leaving him at a far lower power and defenseless in some situations. When he realizes his weakness he starts to train again so he can protect those he loves from outside evil forces that may attack which sounds like something the government of Japan parrots on about in real life. The politics of changing the Japanese pacifist constitution and re-militarization are now bleeding into Dragon ball? But don’t worry. When Gohan is invited to join his Dad and Vegeta for some godly training he reluctantly refuses since he has a business conference to attend. Salary man trumps all other issues!

While there is a lot of comedy and some cutesy moments in this there is still the arc element and the fights are really fun and well done. I think that while some fights are dragged out a bit they are generally a good deal faster than those of DBZ. This might be due to not requiring “Filler” since Dragon Ball Super is not trying to follow a manga series and has Akira Toriyama being involved with it directly. He created a story arc and character designs for this series to follow.

So far it seems that this is not going to try to fit into the continuity of DBGT as there have been many changes among the characters and while everything could be reversed and set up to follow GT it seems like it’s not something they would attempt to do since it would take a lot of story to change everything back to the way it was before GT (or someone collecting all the dragonballs….)

As I write this the Future Trunks Arc has just finished. That’s right, future Trunks came back! It’s a great story and the ending will bring tears to your eyes. My only criticism is that Trunks is more of a pin up poster boy for young girl viewers. There’s nothing wrong with this but his relationship with a particular girl in this arc seems to be playing to a certain audience group that dig teen romance and cute boys… Well it’s not bad, I did enjoy it, but it does stick out like a sore thumb after everything we have seen in the DB Universe. Who am I to talk though? The ratings for this are surpassing ‘One Piece’ and ‘Naruto’ in Japan. Dragon Ball Super is ruling once again.

Time travel notes: The time travel in this series of Dragon Ball is fairly confusing. It’s to a point where they throw so much exposition at you that you just want to throw your hands in the air and try to let go of trying to make sense of it. But no, we can’t do that. So there’s not only 12 Universes but there are a growing number of alternate timelines and characters who have the ability to travel through time. They are also somehow able to travel between the past and future of not just one timeline but multiple. Clearly Trunk’s timeline and the actual DB timeline have diverged greatly but it seems that any time travel to the future ultimately brings characters to the alternate future of Trunk’s time. Zamasu can travel to alternate timelines/realities with the time ring. But what about Trunks? How does he get between his own alternate timeline and the Dragon Ball Super timeline? It’s not really explained. We have to assume his time machine is somehow locked into that future with it’s special time coordinates and it cannot be any other future or his time machine can somehow travel between timelines. The bigger question is “why is Trunk’s hair color different?”

Favorite Quote: “Damn it.” – Vegeta

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  1. atthematinee says:

    Loved this post! You also have the coolest blog cover I’ve seen in a while! Do you write on any other film sites?

  2. Thanks very much.
    No, I just write here in my free time.

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