Sadako Vs Kayako

Driving around a neighborhood the other day my friend was telling me that a ghost was spotted in this area. The ghost was wearing a white Kimono. In Japan a white kimono (kyokatabira) would be worn by someone who has left this world and will be traveling to the next. We discussed why the ghost would be hanging around the area and my friend suggested that if the person died unexpectedly they might not be ready to leave the world, it might also be why some ghosts are found wearing white clothes, nightwear etc. I wondered about this. If the ghost represents the last image of a person before passing from this life, clothes and all, then why don’t we see any ghosts in shorts and T-shirt? Why always white dresses? What if someone went to a fancy dress party dressed as Batman and died unexpectedly, would they forever be ghost Batman?

In ‘Juon/The Grudge’ movies this is basically what happens as the main ghost Kayako can often be seen dressed in white and sometimes wrapped in a plastic bag. Sadako from the ‘Ring‘ is also dressed in white. Sometimes a little muddied from the Well she lives in.  It’s not all that original. The ghost world needs some color.

Anyway, in ‘Sadako Vs Kayako’ (can’t believe I’m writing that), the two finally get together in uninspired, cheap film making, terrible actors and a script that eerily resembles some fan fiction I read years ago. The two curse fixers/removers, that’s what i’m calling them, the little girl and the dude that has stepped right out of some anime show, those two, are total fan wank. Why we need two curse removers to bring Sadako and Kayako together is beyond me. why not let two separate story lines flow naturally into each other? The only part of the film I found to be in any way clever was that they would bring S & K together by having the cursed victims watch Sadako’s cursed video in Kayako’s cursed house. Not a bad idea even for fan fiction.

After the utterly detestable Sadako movies (Sadako 3D & Sadako 3D 2) that have come out of Japan in recent years Sadako’s depiction here is far closer to the Sads we all used to love and know. However, it’s very uninspired. Gone is the bone chilling movements of Rie Inoui from the first ‘Ring‘ film, now replaced with an actress that just hunches with her arms in front of her body all the time.  Also, now the cursed video will kill you in 2 days instead of 7 days which I guess suits today’s generation and their short attention span. I bet most of you you didn’t even read this far… Finally, to cap all this blandness, Sadako now has super CGI hair killing powers which has already been exploited in every other horror movie featuring long haired ghosts of the past 15 years.

The ending of the film rips off the end of ‘Alien Vs Predator’. Is this really the best idea they can come up with? Is that really a film they’d want to rip off? Seems so. ‘Sadako Vs Kayako’ is not the movie of your wet dreams but it is mildly entertaining in ways that the recent Juon and Sadako movies have not been.

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