Doctor Strange


Was having a bit of a bad day when I went to see this so I feel like I would have enjoyed this more if I had been a bit chilled out. Regardless it’s a really good film, not fantastic but dare I express these words once again…A good start to the Doctor Strange film series. Benedict Cumberbatch is must see in anything. Having him in a marvel movie is pretty much the cherry on the cake and I don’t know how much more I can love the guy unless he threw a Star Wars movie at us. Personally I want him back in Star Trek.

As if  Cumberbatch wasn’t enough this time we also have Mads Mikkelsen as the Villain. Think of that for a second. Sherlock Holmes Vs Hannibal Lector! Mind palace vs mind palace! Thanks Marvel. The only problem though is that their time on screen together is limited and it’s not exactly scene chewing stuff. What is great are the action scenes between to two. If you loved the corridor fight in ‘Inception‘ then get ready for a whole lot more of that.

Unlike other Marvel movies ‘Doctor Strange’ feels refreshingly different. I can see criticisms that early on in the film it’s like Tony Stark at the beginning Iron Man again but really, the rest of the film is different to that. Yes, the heroes journey is fairly well walked at this stage but how they got there felt a little less by the numbers and a bit more interesting. If anything this is more of a ‘Doctor House‘ becoming a super hero kind of thing.

Questions to keep in mind for future sequels. Was there more to Strange’s car crash than what we saw? To me it looked like his car suddenly smashed into another car without Strange himself swerving at the wheel.

Favorite Quote: ” Mister Doctor? “– Kaecilius

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