The Lego Batman Movie

LEGO Batman is not only a great movie, it is a great Batman movie. If you’re a fan of Batman in any way, small or big you’re going to have enjoyment from this. The more you know about the character, his history and villains the more references of enjoyment you’ll get out of it.

I enjoyed the heck out of it. I think as an adult I got more from it than I would have as a kid but that’s not to say it isn’t a kids film, it’s a fantastic balance between both and never lets either side down. I personally liked it more than ‘The LEGO Movie’. I like LEGO (more now than ever) but I like Batman more. What I also love is all the other none Batman characters that show up in this which I was a little surprised about but also delighted with. We have Sauron and Voldmort in the same movie along with Daleks and a whole host of other popular villains.

The one thing I am slightly disappointed about which I blame on myself if that I read a rumor months ago that each actor who had played Batman in the movies would be lending their voices to their own versions of Batman in this film. Can you imagine the fun of Bale Batman interacting with Keaton’s Batman or West’s Batman?

The message of the movie is about Family and what it says about Family and what family is almost brought a tear to my eye. In the days of other animated (kids) movies telling us we have to be loved to be truly happy the Lego Batman film brings some genuine non commercial happiness to the minds of the little younglings growing up on this stuff.

Favorite Quote: “I hate you.” – Batman

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