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Kung Fu Zombie

The title alone was almost enough to make me want to watch this movie. Kung Fu and Zombies, where can one go wrong? With favorable odds and a few favorable reviews (the rest highly unfavorable) I plunked myself down for … Continue reading

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The Mighty Peking Man

‘The Mighty Peking Man’ aka 猩猩王 aka ‘Goliathon‘ might, at first, look like a cheap knockoff of King Kong, it might be a film that ‘Sharknado’ fans would get a kick out of. What’s incredulous to me is not how … Continue reading

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Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child takes place 19 years after the end of Book 7/Movie 8. It’s exciting to finally delve into the future we only glimpsed at the end of Book 7/Movie 8. The feeling was that everything … Continue reading

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