Kung Fu Zombie

The title alone was almost enough to make me want to watch this movie. Kung Fu and Zombies, where can one go wrong? With favorable odds and a few favorable reviews (the rest highly unfavorable) I plunked myself down for a viewing. From the opening scenes it seemed that I had been gypped with the title. Zombies? No, these are Jiangshi which are those hoping ghosts or vampires you might have seen in other Chinese or Hong Kong ghost stories. Yes, they’ve also been lumped in with Zombies but since they are creatures that absorb Qi (energy) and usually appear at night and sleep in coffins they are more commonly associated with Vampires. Well, they aren’t the only creatures in this movie, there is a ghost too trying to get himself brought back to life by placing his spirit into another body. By the end of the film there is an actual  vampire with fangs and blood sucking to boot.

Ok, getting sidetracked here…
So anyway I was thinking “oh here we go, another bad Kung Fu movie that I am going to force myself to sit through” but actually it’s not so bad, in fact it’s highly enjoyable. It’s crazy, it’s a mess, the english Dub I watched it in is hilarious. The cinematography is somewhat impressive, the Kung Fu action is entertaining to the likes of Dragon Ball with fairly nice fight choreography.

If you like movies like ‘The One Armed Boxer’, ‘Master of the Flying Guillotine’ and ‘The Drunken Master’ than you’ll enjoy this. Don’t expect high production values but do expect fun. Invite a few friends and have a few beers. The running time of the version I saw was only 78 minutes. Where can you go wrong?

This is also the bad point though. It’s only 78 minutes long. There is obviously a more coherent version out there. There is a 100 minute Japanese version of the film and a subbed version might prove more enlightening as to what’s actually going on, although that wouldn’t be as hilarious.

Favorite Quote: “Lalala I’m going to jail! Lalala Going to jail!”

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